Template for Supervision reports

Template for supervision reports to the BSANZ Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee requires the following:

  1. Dates and number of sessions since the previous report
  2. Comments about the supervisee’s progress and development in the following areas:
    • maintenance of appropriate boundaries for Balint group work
    • creation of a safe environment conducive to trust and learning
    • understanding of the importance of the clinical relationship
    • facilitation of group members to participate in the group
    • the development of the co-leader relationship
    • helping the group to avoid solutions and didactic teaching
    • protecting the presenter
    • awareness of group processes, unconscious factors and group development that can influence and affect the task of the group and its members
    • understanding and maintenance of the ‘Balint frame’
    • understanding and maintenance of confidentiality
    • facilitation of the work of the group, including speculation, themes, keeping the group focused on the doctor-patient relationship
    • ability to reflect on leadership skills, including the capacity to identify and critique his or her own contributions to the work and processes of the group
    • introduction of Balint group work to participants in a group for the first time, including the history of the Balint movement
  3. Other comments, ideas and suggestions that will encourage and facilitate the supervisee’s development, competence and creativity as a Balint group leader