BalintANZ Board 2023-24

Daniel Brass - President
Melbourne VIC

Daniel is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice. He first participated in a Balint group as a first-year medical student and has been leading Balint groups since 2019.

Swapnil Sharma - Vice President
Sydney NSW

Swapnil is a Consultant-Liaison Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in public and private practice. He has been leading Balint Groups for psychiatry registrars and other health care professionals since 2017 and supervises a registrar led Balint Group for medical students.

Meredith Waugh - Secretary
Gold Coast Qld

Meredith is a social worker, psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in part-time private practice. She first participated in a Balint group at the Hobart Intensive Workshop in 2017 and has been leading Balint groups since 2021. Currently, she is on the Leadership Accreditation Pathway.

Sheila O'Neill - Treasurer
Canberra ACT

Sheila has a background in General Practice with a particular interest in women’s health. Her current focus is on medical education and the doctor/patient relationship. She first participated in a Balint group in 1998 with Gregorio Kohon and has been co-leading online Balint groups for GPs since 2020.

Penny Woods - Member
Auckland NZ

Penny is a New Zealand psychiatrist with a longstanding interest in psychotherapy.  She has been leading Balint groups for psychiatry registrars since 2019 and co-leads a monthly Balint group for other health practitioners. 

John Barton - Member
Christchurch NZ

John is a semi-retired psychotherapist trained in psychodrama.  He was a GP for thirty-five years first in rural NZ then inner city Melbourne.  He has been leading Balint groups since 2003 and training Balint leaders since 2007.  He was a founding member of BSANZ.

Timothy McMichael - Member
Auckland NZ

Timothy has worked in experiential groups and processes for over 30 years, having training at amongst other places, during the 1990's, at The Centre for the Study of the Person, set up by the legendary Carl Rogers in California.

He's an accredited Balint Leader, and has been doing things 'Balinty' since 2013.