Requirements for Leader Trainer Accreditation

Requirements for Leader Trainer Accreditation

Training as supervisors or leader trainers

The BSANZ has a limited capacity to train Supervisors and Leader Trainers. From time to time, accredited Balint group leaders may be invited to join the Leader Trainer Accreditation Pathway by the BSANZ Training Committee. The Accreditation Committee will make recommendations to the Board.

Balint leadership experience

To be considered for the Leader Trainer Accreditation Pathway the following experience is required:

General leadership experience

  1. A minimum of two years of Balint group experience after BSANZ Balint Leadership Accreditation.
  2. A minimum of 20 hours of Balint group leadership, which includes leadership of at least one ongoing group.
  3. Leadership of Balint groups in a variety of settings and with a variety of co-leaders.
  4. Now that online groups form an integral part of Balint group practice, leadership experience in at least one BSANZ online weekend workshop is desirable.

BSANZ Annual Residential Workshop leadership experience

Balint group leadership as a co-leader with an accredited Leader Trainer at two Annual Residential Workshops.

One of these workshops may involve co-leading with an accredited Balint group leader under supervision from an accredited Leader Trainer.

Accreditation Pathway

Accredited Leader Trainers

  • Dr Di Nash, Auckland
  • Louise de Lambert, Auckland
  • Dr Renske van den Brink, Auckland
  • Dr John Barton, Christchurch
  • Dr Hamish Wilson, Dunedin
  • Penny Love, Brisbane
  • Chel Quinn, Brisbane
  • Kerrie Collings-Silvey, Brisbane
  • Dr Frank Meumann, Hobart
  • Dr Bill Betts, Melbourne
  • Hilary Ash, Melbourne
  • Ruth Dunn, Melbourne
  • Dr Marion Lustig, Melbourne
  • Judy Griffiths, Perth
  • Leonie Sullivan, Sydney
  • Alexa Gilbert-Obrart, Sydney & London
  • Laurie Lovell-Simons, Sydney


Candidates are expected to receive supervision with accredited Leader Trainers during their time on the Leader Trainer Accreditation Pathway.

Requirements for Supervision

  1. It is expected that there will be supervision of Balint group leadership and of supervisory activities.
  2. Candidates may supervise those enrolled in the BSANZ Leadership Accreditation Pathway.
  3. The candidate’s supervisor/s is asked to submit reports of the candidate once a year to the Training Committee.
  4. The candidate and the supervisor are expected to discuss the reports together before they are submitted to the Training Committee.
  5. Supervisors and Trainees are asked to adhere to the supervision arrangements and standards described in the following documents.

Agreement between Supervisors and the Accreditation Committee

Agreement between Supervisors and Supervisees

Template for Supervision Reports

Template for Learning and Supervision Plan for Accreditation

Supervision is not accepted for accreditation purposes unless these documents have been completed for each supervisory arrangement and submitted to the Accreditation Committee prior to the commencement of the supervision sessions.

It is expected that the supervisee will have a minimum of ten (10) supervision sessions per year and that eight (8) of these will be individual supervision with one supervisor. The remainder may be joint co-leader sessions with a supervisor.

Documentation of training

The candidate for Leader Trainer Accreditation must submit a portfolio to the Chair of the BSANZ Training Committee. The portfolio will incorporate the following:

  1. An outline of the candidate’s experiences of aspects of the training.
  2. May contain any documentation candidates wishes to include to support their case.
  3. A reflective piece of writing about the experience during Balint group leadership and Leader Trainer training and the associated supervision process.

Granting of Leader Trainer Accreditation

  1. The Training Committee on receipt of the reports and portfolio makes the decision on the candidate’s readiness for a recommendation for Leader Trainer accreditation.
  2. The Training Committee recommends the candidate to the BSANZ Board for Leader Trainer Accreditation.

Endorsed by the BSANZ Board on 3rd November 2020